• The Mouse That Lost His House

    The Mouse That Lost His House

    A big storm sweeps away a small log house which belongs to Morris the mouse. Morris begins his journey trying to find his house. Along the way, Morris discovers the different houses that belong to the different animals. Can you help Morris the mouse find the right house?

  • Count With The Penguinies

    Count With The Penguinies

    Penguinies think that learning is fun. Join the Penguinies on a counting journey from one to ten. Count With The Penguinies is part of The Penguinies learning range which also includes, Opposites & The Penguinies and Learn Shapes With The Penguinies.

  • Learn Shapes With The Penguinies

    Learn Shapes With The Penguinies

    Penguinies enjoy lots of fun activities, but best of all they enjoy learning. Today the Penguinies would like to learn the different shapes. Join the Penguinies and help them to learn the different shapes.

  • The Penguinies

    The Penguinies

    Planet Snarf is a rainbow land and home to the Penguinies. Not quite black and white, Penguinies are colourful and bright. Penguinies love to eat blueberry root because it is their favourite fruit. Bubble podding, sailing and wave surfing on pumpkin bay are some of the fun activities that the Penguinies do every day.   […]

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