• The Strong Dad

    The Strong Dad

    Help the strong dad punch down the ancient pillars, moving from left to right to avoid any curvy bits. See how many pillars the strong dad can punch down without running out of time! Try not to loose his head! When you tap left the strong dad will automatically move to the right, and when […]

  • Ninja Troy Fly

    Ninja Troy Fly

    Help Ninja Troy to fly and get as far as he can by navigating past the obstacles. Tap the screen repeatedly in order to move up. Each time you tap the screen Ninja Troy flies up one. Try not make Ninja Troy fly to high or too low to avoid hitting any of the pipes. You […]

  • The Penguinies Cross Road

    The Penguinies Cross Road

    Help the Penguinie to cross the road safely watch out for the traffic!

  • The Penguinies Phone for Kids

    The Penguinies Phone for Kids

    The Penguinies Phone for Kids app is an educational baby game. A fun music “baby phone” game for babies. This fun and educational game will teach your babies and toddlers to learn the different numbers, letters, animal sounds, and songs for hours on end with classic nursery rhymes and adorable Penguinies images. The Penguinies value […]

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