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The Penguinies is Hannah’s big debut. What began as a simple doodle while working on a bedtime story for her son slowly blossomed into her best-selling children’s book. She is currently working on four new children’s books, developing new Penguinies game apps, sampling and designing Penguinies merchandise. Hannah enjoys cooking and she plans to incorporate this into The Penguinies collection, and maybe create her first ever Penguinies recipe book & app. We can’t wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

Hannah has a 2.1 Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Television Studies and New Broadcasting Media and Film Studies, from Kingston University. Hannah has always had a passion for the arts, and she loves being creative, from writing to painting, cooking to making things. Hannah also has a diploma in Human Nutrition and is currently putting together some of her favourite and personal recipes into a cookbook for breastfeeding mothers. Hannah also has a diploma in Human Nutrition. 

Hannah happily enjoys the rewarding career as a children’s author & illustrator, app developer, and blogger. She believes the best part is being able to work from her home office, as it allows her to spend more quality time with her beautiful sons, as well as being more creative.

Hannah is currently working on several new projects including a new blog website, London Mummy Blog. Feel free to subscribe or browse Hannah’s latest blog at www.londonmummyblog.com

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